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Palladion Sealers

Palladion Sealer for pavers, stone, concrete, wood and metal

Palladion sealers protect and extend the beauty and integrity of natural stone, pavers, and decorative concrete surfaces.

They also prevent rust from forming on bare metal and keep exterior wood surfaces looking like new.


Part Code


Palladion Wet Look


High polished wet look, enhances color without solvents

Palladion Natural Look


Maintains natural look of surface

Palladion Satin Look


Hint of sheen, slightly intensifies color




Palladion sealers are formulated with the most advanced polymers available. They offer unsurpassed protection of your natural stone and paving surfaces by forming an impenetrable barrier against the ravages of nature. Palladion sealers are nontoxic, contain no VOCs and have no odor. All of which means Palladion sealers pose no threat to the health of our children, pets — or the planet.


If you require special formulations for industrial applications please contact us at info@appchem.com.