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Green Piranha Paint Strippers


“Stripping tough powder paints and other coatings

 just got faster, cheaper ... and a whole lot safer.”

Green Piranha Paint Strippers -

The safe alternative to methylene chloride

Quickly and effortlessly remove polymer coatings such as epoxy, polyester
and urethane, as well as TGIC and hybrid powders. They also strip military
epoxies, Teflon, Xylan, Halar and other liquid and dry coatings. Green Piranha
strippers are 100% compatible with aluminum and magnesium alloys. And thanks to
corrosion inhibiting technology they are safe to use with anodized aluminum, chrome, nickel and zinc plating. Even mirror polished aluminum remains damage free. Green Piranha products are supplied in liquid form for immersion processes and as a gel for topical applications.



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