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Green Piranha 707

  • Green Piranha strips powder coats fast.  No methylene chloride and meets California air quality standards for low VOCs
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Product Information

Green Piranha-707 strips all types of high performance industrial coatings and will not corrode sensitive alloys or change critical dimensions.


Green Piranha-707 is a high performance, fast-acting powder coating and paint stripper used to remove hard-baked, polymeric powder paints -- EPOXY, POLYESTER, URETHANE, TGIC and HYBRIDs.  And it is effective for stripping other liquid and dry industrial coatings such as e-coats, Xylan, Halar and military epoxy-based coatings.  Green Piranha-707 is safe to use on Aluminum and Magnesium, as it will not attack critical dimensions or tolerances.  Furthermore, its proprietary corrosion inhibiting technology prevents damage to surface preparations such as Alodined and Anodized Aluminum, Chrome, Nickel, Zinc and other plating, as well as polished surfaces.

 For industrial applications only.  Consult MSDS before using.

Product Features

  • Formulated for fast removal of all industrial paints
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable formula
  • Contains no methylene chloride
  • High loading provides extended bath life
  • Low odor and 100% water soluble
  • Non-flammable, flash point  >200°F
  • Will not corrode aluminum, stainless steel, copper and brass
  • Removal technology based on several United States and World Organization patents
  • Low Cost of Ownership

Typical Strip Times for Various Industrial Coatings

Wet paints tested include High and Low Baked water-based  coatings, Polyurethane, Epoxy, Lacquer and combinations of these with epoxy primers. Powders include Epoxy, Hybrid, Urethane, Polyester, etc., Nylon 11, Halar, Xylan 1000 series and more. Perfluoro type of coatings present longer strip times especially when applied to rough porous substrates.


Strip Time

Clear Poly over Lacquer

< 5 minutes


< 3 minutes

Poly over Epoxy primer

< 4 minutes

Epoxy over Epoxy primer

< 10 minutes

HB Water over Epoxy primer

< 4 minutes

LB Water

< 1 minute

Powder Epoxy

< 15 minutes


< 10 minutes

Xylan, Halar

< 40 minutes

Nylon 11

> 180 minutes

The strip times presented are derived from test coupons applied to sheet metal samples. Actual results can and do vary depending on the following:

1.       Paint curing (baking) times

2.       Number of coatings or thickness of coatings

3.       Age of paint and metal surface condition (rough, smooth)

4.       Paint curing temperatures

5.       Solvent saturation state and temperature

6.       Presence or lack of agitation

7.       Physical geometry of the part



Green Piranha is a trademark of Applied Chemical Laboratories

Disclaimer:  The information listed above is based on data available in the literature and laboratory test results; and is true to the best of our knowledge. User of this product is responsible for any application related damages to the substrate it is applied, due to the usage of this product and manufacturer of this material accepts no liability implied or warranted, regarding the safety , disposal or usage of this product. Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for additional safety information before using this product.

Product Specs & MSDS

Physical State:
Straw to Amber
Specific Gravity (g/ml):
1.08@25 deg. C
10 +/- 1
Boiling Point:
167 deg. C / 333 deg. F
Flash Point:
97 deg. C / 207 deg. F
Solubility in Water:
Completely soluble
VOC (g/ltr) EPA test method 24:

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