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EpoxSol - remove epoxy resin, adhesives and inks

 epox-sol-banner.pngClean hard to remove resins and stubborn adhesives from a variety of substrates with EpoxSol™ high-performance resin solvents.

EpoxSol is available in multiple formulas to enable cleaning  a wide range of resin systems,adhesives, and inks.

Product Code



Most effective for cleaning and de-bonding epoxy resins


Ink Remover, flux remover, degreaser


Good for cleaning Polyester resins and ink removal

Each formulation is available as free flowing liquid solution or Grip, a viscous gel that clings to vertical surfaces keeping the solvent in contact with the substrate long enough to be effective at ambient temperatures, thereby eliminating the need for repeated applications. Faster cleaning cycles mean you will have less down time on the production line and greater productivity.

All formulations are 100% Water soluble, readily bio-degradable, and are free of acetone, MEK, MIBK, or chlorinated solvents. They are not corrosive to aluminum, stainless steel, copper and brass.

Applied Chemical Laboratories has more than 25 years of experience designing high purity cleaning chemicals for the electronics industry and resin removal technology based on numerous U.S. & World Organization patents.

EpoxSol is a registered Trade Mark of Applied Chemcial Laboratories, Inc.