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EpoxSol 23

  • EpoxSol 23 cleans and de-bonds most cured resins
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Product Information

EpoxSol™ 23 is a high performance, specialty chemical designed to clean hard to remove resins and adhesives.

The solvent of choice for difficult to clean resins on senstive substrates

EpoxSol™ 23 resin remover is intended for use in composites manufacturing and other industrial applications where a fast acting, environmentally friendly solvent is preferred. . Specifically formulated for epoxy and polyester resin cleaning, resin removal and debonding EpoxSol™ 23 is also an excellent adhesive remover, out-performing other well-known brands.


The product is non-toxic, non-alkaline and 100% water soluble. Virtually odorless, it does not contains hazardous air pollutants(HAPs). EpoxSol™ 23 is the solvent of choice for continuous cleaning in immersion tanks where a low evaporation rate is desirable.


Product Features:

Excellent for cleaning resins from tools, equipment and vessels

Excellent solvency for cleaning and removal of silicone, RTV, polyimide, and other polymeric materials

Removes adhesives

Low VOC and Low odor

100% Water soluble, readily bio-degradable


Not corrosive to aluminum, stainless steel, copper and brass

Long bath and shelf life for extended use

Immersion and spray tool compatible

Contains no Acetone, MEK, MIBK, or chlorinated solvents


EpoxSol and HiperClean are trademarks of Applied Chemical Laboratories, Inc.


Product Specs & MSDS

Clear Liquid
Boiling Point::
167 deg C. (333 deg. F)
Flash Point::
95 deg. C (203 deg F)
6.5 - 7.5 (10% in water)
Not compatible with PVC, CPVC, PVDF, & ABS

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