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Electronic and Photovoltaic Chemicals


High Purity Electronic Chemicals for semiconductor, photovoltaic and other process applications

Applied Chemical Laboratories offers Ultra High-Purity process chemicals for electronics manufacturing and other applications that require critically clean chemistry.

Industries Served

LED Manufacturing
Solar / Photovoltaic
Nano-particle manufacturing


  • Photoresist Strippers (+/-)
  • Post Etch Polymer Removers
  • Photoresist Developers (+/-)
  • Edge Bead Removers
  • Specialty Etchants
  • High-performance solvent blends

All products are available in several packaging options including one liter, one gallon, 20 liter containers and 55 gallon poly drums.

Applied Chemical also provides chemical purification services for process development -- reduce ionic contaminants to 1ppb or less.

Transition to sub-20 nm node in semiconductor manufacturing and other breakthrough technologies requires ultra-pure, contamination-free chemistry in order to achieve defect free products and high production yields.

Applied Chemical Laboratories, Inc., an innovator in high purity, eco-friendly electronic chemicals and specialized coatings now offers a custom service for removing contaminants from ultra-pure polymeric and organic chemicals and compounds. The service is tailored for lab scale development projects in the computer chip, photovoltaic, and pharmaceutical industries.  

If your process requires trace ionic contamination removed from your process enabling chemicals contact us at Lab@appchem.com or 408-737-8880 x 201.

 In most instances we are able to reduce metal ions and other contaminants to 1ppb or less.